Camera Operator, Behind The Scenes Photography and Video, Writer, Director, Editor, Prop Management, Set Decorator, Makeup Artist & Casting samples here:

LML: “You Wanted The Night” a Music Video (Writer, Director and Editor)

ICE Band: “A Journey Thru Time” a Picture Video (Editor)

LML: “Warpaint” a Music Video (Choreography & Editor)

The Two Tens: “Keeping Hope Alive” a Music Video (Prop Management)

“Love Drug” a Visual Poetry Project (Writer & Director)

Exclusive: Ringling Bros. Interview On Train! (Hosted, Shot and Edited)

“The Lost Cemetery” a Documentary (Writer, Director & Camera Operator)

“Entertainment Minute” a Web Show (Writer & Director)

The Two Tens: “Ella Don’t Like My Hat” a Music Video (Camera Operator)

“The Drama: “Watch Out” a Music Video (Props, Set Decorator & Makeup Artist)

The Pagans: “Hopped Up” a Music Video (Camera Operator & Casting)

Tanner Horn: “Do Ya” a Music Video (Food/Dance Choreography)

Graham Bonnet: “The Mirror Lies” a Music Video (Production Assistant & Locations)

Behind the Scenes Stills working with Tiny Cinema’s Untitled Feature:

Writer for Original TV & Web Production Scripts:
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TV Video Projects/Segment Reporting: (Producer, Researcher, Writer, Editor & Talent)

Behind the scenes with Indy 500 announcer Laura Steele

Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan hosts Zoopolis 

Fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue

Breakfast with Ringling Bros stars

Exclusive look inside Zoobilation 

Behind the scenes at the Steve Harvey Show

Inside Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio¬†


Original Web Show: (Writer, Producer, Researcher, Writer, Editor & Talent)

See all “My Entertainment Minute” Episodes HERE